Outer journeys lead to inner journeys

Every retreat combines a holistic approach to wellness: mind, body, and soul. Through the combination of exploration, yoga and fitness classes, nourishing food, and community interaction, the retreats are meant to restore balance to your life and to ignite the true you. 

Sam’s love for adventure and community has led her to more than 40 countries around the world. She experiences the world’s beauty and is inspired to share it by connecting you with people, nature, and your soul. Her journeys are thought-provoking, introspective, cultural, and adventurous. Sam has organized and co-led more than 25 educational trips throughout Europe, Turkey, and East Africa.


Move + Meditate

Each retreat is filled with a mix of yoga, fitness, and meditation. Learning how to move your body and still the mind is part of every retreat.


There's nothing more powerful than being able to make your own decisions. You'll have plenty of time to explore on your own, to rest, or to be open to possibility.


Outer journeys lead to inner journeys. Our trips inspire you to live your truth, free from self-doubt, fear, and past experiences. Each trip has thought-provoking, soul sessions to ignite the true you.


Learning is essential to growth and personal development. Every retreat incorporates learning opportunities and the ability to try something new.


Life is all about finding a healthy balance. Rest is equally important as movement. Take time to rest, relax, disconnect from your phones, and simply be.It's okay to be comfortable with the beautiful art of doing nothing.


Nature connects you to the present moment. There is something beautiful about nature. It's raw and real. Each retreat has a natural element. When you connect to nature, you connect with your soul.

Eat Well

Food is healthy, nourishing, and served with love. We eat to live, not live to eat. We gather for meals to connect, inspire, and build bridges. Everything in moderation is key (even alcohol).


A trip wouldn't be complete without meeting locals. Every trip aims to build bridges, not walls. We are all connected to something greater than ourselves. Each retreats offers local interaction, local instructors and community interaction.