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About Sam

Sam Reynolds is an international yoga teacher, writer, and speaker. Her mission is to inspire peace, one breath at a time. She believes in the power of yoga and a healthy lifestyle to thrive in your daily life. Sam offers public classes, private sessions, workshops, and mentoring. Before yoga, Sam worked in Rwanda for a non-profit dedicated to empowering and supporting orphaned teens as a result of the 1994 genocide. She also spent five years in the Czech Republic leading educational journeys throughout Europe. She is currently based in Miami. Learn more about Sam.

Upcoming Events


Public Classes


6:00pm  Power Vinyasa 75
7:30pm  TruYin 60 


9:30am Vinyasa Flow 60 (Kampong)
6:00pm  TruPower 75
7:30pm  TruYin 60


12:30pm TruYin 60


8am TruFlow Express 45
9:30am TruFlow 60


8am Tru Signature 60
10:30am Vinyasa Flow (Kampong)

All classes are located at TruFusion Coral Gables and the Kampong Botanical Gardens.