Auco N.

I started my fitness journey in July 2018 at Trufusion. I was talking a lot of the cardio classes but I needed a balance and yoga was what I believe I needed. Trufusion offered yoga classes as well and this is where I met Sam. On the schedule she was listed as Sam Reynolds which is why at first I thought she was a guy!!! I was surprised to see a very sweet woman my first class. 

When I first decided to take her class it was a yin yoga. Yin is a deep stretch and relaxing type of yoga which is why Sam is the perfect instructor for a yin class with her calming voice and personality. I always left her class feeling at peace with myself and able to get a good night sleep. I then started to take her other classes which was more of a vinyasa type. Here, Sam has helped me with yoga poses I thought I would never be able to do. She also from time to time teaches a hand stand class for beginners. Most yoga classes I find intimidating since everyone already knows how to do advance moves but Sam is so inviting. 

After class one day, Sam told me she also teaches at the Kampong Gardens every Wednesday and two Saturdays in a month. It costs $25 for a yoga class and if you are a member of the Kampong Gardens you get a discount. She does gentle vinyasa there. It is very peaceful and you can go to the gardens afterwards.

Sam is a great yoga instructor who helps you with your physical and mental health and a fully recommend her classes.

-Auco N.