Myriam L.

I so look forward to Sam's classes at The Kampong! Sam is a skilled and masterful teacher. Her vinyasa classes transition seamlessly from one pose to the next. The alfresco setting could not be more beautiful as are the gardens. Her yoga for a cause is a heartfelt reminder that there is always something we can be doing to make the world a better place and Sam is doing a lot! My friends and family who I've invited to join me, also love Sam's teachings and classes at The Kampong.

-Myriam L.

Auco N.

When I first decided to take her class it was a yin yoga. Yin is a deep stretch and relaxing type of yoga which is why Sam is the perfect instructor for a yin class with her calming voice and personality. I always left her class feeling at peace with myself and able to get a good night sleep. I then started to take her other classes which was more of a vinyasa type. Here, Sam has helped me with yoga poses I thought I would never be able to do. She also from time to time teaches a hand stand class for beginners. Most yoga classes I find intimidating since everyone already knows how to do advance moves but Sam is so inviting. 

-Auco N.

Marcela P.

Sam is an amazing person! I have only known her for a short period of time but I feel as if I have known her forever. She really cares about her students and guides them to conquer any fears they had with certain poses. I recommend taking a class or private with Sam. She is really great!

-Marcela P.

David V.

Sam is everything you want in an expert yoga instructor: smart, calm, caring, instinctive, and welcoming. As someone who had rarely taken a yoga class before meeting her, I’ve now made it a priority to see her at least once a week because her classes are a safe space that challenge you as much as they relax you--stretching your mind, body, and soul in the most nourishing way possible…[continue reading]

David V.

Monsy B.

Went to Sam’s Deep Stretch and Release yoga class…. What a treat! Sam’s approach and whole vibe is perfect for this type of yoga. It was a great introduction to yin yoga for me and how it differs from restorative yoga. Sam explains everything so well. The class was relaxing, but at the same time left my muscles and joints feeling revitalized because of the deep poses and stretches. Felt very healing. The perfect antidote to any type of stress. Can’t wait for the next one!!

-Monsy B.

Efrain S.

There are countless people out there making a positive difference through yoga, Sam is one of them. She is passionate about sharing her love of yoga with others and selflessly dedicated to someone else’s success. Her classes offer everyone the chance to be upside down in a fun and safe way. She uses core integration and alignment and guide you to take charge of your mind with awareness. With a kind smile, she reminds you that yoga can help you make changes in your life. Her classes are divine and packed with a lot of wisdom.

-Efrain S.

Erin F.

I first took Sam's monthly class at The Kampong in Coconut Grove and was immediately hooked on her teaching. Every class I've gone to of hers has been inspiring, challenging, fun, and relaxing all at once. Sam is also great about switching things up so you don't feel like you're always in the same flow, and she gives numerous options to modify depending on your skill level. I highly recommend anyone who has the opportunity to practice under Sam to do so, even if you're brand new to yoga.

-Erin F.